Praise for the Mindset Mastery Coaching Program

Our Mindset Mastery Coaching Program helps entrepreneurs and business owners master their mindset so they can create a high-growth business they’re proud of.

We've set out to create the best mindset training program for entrepreneurs and business owners on the planet.

We teach key skills you can use to not only grow your business quickly, but to do it with less stress, more ease and joy. 

The program includes access to life-changing training and personal coaching from the founders of Learn Your Brain… 

Plus, resources to help you completely transform both your mindset and your business.

Watch Stories from clients who have been through the Program

And here are more Stories From clients...

Matt Chastain

Prolifik Marketing

“Every major leap we took seemed to coincide with when we worked with the Learn Your Brain team. 

We've come from just sharing two or three clients to having a client roster of about 40 steady clients and eight employees. And we've got the 6000 square foot facility

From a monetary standpoint, from a cash flow standpoint, we've come from almost nothing to a pretty successful small business. It's 8 to 10 fold more than than it was.

Had we not gone through the Mindset Mastery Program, we would not be here. Period. End of story.”

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Mike Usry

Prolifik Marketing,

Southland Organics

“The impact on my business from working with Nita and Josh has been tremendous. It's been monumental, it really has. 

Since we began working with Nita and Josh both businesses have grown tremendously.

I would say our revenues in Prolifik have at least quadrupled."

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Cynthia Smith

Genuine Georgia

“They helped my fears go away. So that I had the guts to go ahead and do the changes I needed to do in Genuine Georgia to help it to grow. 

We've doubled our business just from taking that one course. And so the increase has been phenomenal. To say the least.

Y’all opened up my world. And I really appreciate that.”

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Deanne Rosso

Vickery Financial

"I'd rate it a 10 out of 10! 

I've talked to several people lately who have said to me, 'You seem different, what's going on? What are you doing?'

And I said, 'Mindset Mastery with Nita Matthews-Morgan and Josh Matthews-Morgan.'

I’ve been telling people, 'You know, you need to do the Mindset Mastery Program because it will just bring your business to another level.'"

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Alicia Segars

Mama's Boy Restaurant

"This experience has had a tremendous impact on my life and I'm very grateful.


It just really freed up the past. People talk about that a lot, but I feel like I was for the first time able to actually do that. So it's really awesome. 

Don't be scared, just register. It’s worth it.”

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Scott Miller

Classic City Chem-Dry

“Just the coping strategies have been great for me that keep me going.

The last couple of weeks I had numbers not coming in as far as sales, as far as profitability on advertisement. 

I was able to use the visioning process to get back to where I wanted to be.


I set myself a goal for June for $10,000. I achieved that but not through the way I thought I would.”

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Sarah Hinkle

Once Like a Spark

“Overall, I’m a lot more confident in myself, in my business and my family life.

Every second of our class, every tool that I’ve learned was absolutely worth it.

Absolutely worth every single bit of money, time, effort, energy.”

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Edwin Hammond

Hammond Studios

“I’m a single dad of a 5 year old child, trying to run a business. 

This whole process has helped me find a balance. There’s harmony between the two."

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Laura Whitaker

Extra Special People

“This program really was instrumental in allowing me to stay positive at a difficult time in our organization and to pull everybody else in the same direction.

I love the mixture of the practices along with the science behind it. I really connected with the information. It taught me what I really needed to know.

But then the application to it really gave me the tools that I needed to carry it out."

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Allen Reynolds

Southland Organics

"There’s a deep interest. They do this because they care. Even stuff that’s outside the sessions, they’re interested in life and how they can help you.

 The personal care makes a difference on this whole experience."

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Dan Perrin

Grounds Guys

"It's easy to start this process or system and then it just compounds on top of each other. And then you're just a productive machine.

I know I'm just going to keep growing and the investment I made is paying off big time."

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